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Keep your employees smiling.

We offer dental benefit solutions for businesses of all sizes that are cost-effective, easy to understand and easy to use.

Smile Health Dental Plans offers solutions that can save employers 15% or more.

Self-Funded Employer Plans

Creating a self-funded employer plan in partnership with Smile Health Dental Plans gives employers:

  • Access to a premier network of providers who have agreed to lower fees to help employers save.
  • Flexibility with employer contributions.
  • The ability to white-label their dental plan so their company gets credit for providing employees with great benefits.

With rising healthcare costs, many employers are looking for ways to have more control and transparency of the dollars that they spend on benefits. With self-funded employer plans, employers save by foregoing the purchase of insurance policies from insurance carriers and instead, assuming liability and the risk of paying claims.

Navigating self-funded employer plans can be tricky, but with a third-party administrator like Smile Health Dental Plans, we design custom plans that are right for each company and its employees’ needs. We also handle plan administration and compliance, saving employers time and giving them peace of mind. And, because we’re powered by Wellfit, a healthcare FinTech platform, we keep costs low through benefit and administration automation. These savings can translate to 15% or more for employers!


Dental Savings Plans

Traditional employer-sponsored insurance premiums have increased by more than 200% over the last 20 years and out-of-pocket expenses have increased by more than 50%.[1] While costs are increasing, utilization remains low. Only one in four employees who have dental insurance say they’ve been to the dentist in the past 12 months.[2] Our dental savings plan offer cost-effective alternatives to dental insurance that are easy to understand and easy to use.

Dental insurance can be confusing
With most dental insurance plans there are monthly premiums, deductibles, waiting periods, maximums and claims. That’s a lot for employees and their employers to navigate. A dental savings plan is not insurance. Think ‘Costco® membership’ for dental care. For a low annual fee, patients get access to discounted services. Patients only pay for the treatment they need and want at their plan’s discounted price, nothing more, nothing less.

Dental insurance can be costly
Not only are insurance premiums increasing, but employers often pay full price whether employees utilize their dental insurance benefits or not. With Smile Health Dental Plans, employers save. That’s because all of our plans are powered by Wellfit.® This healthcare FinTech platform allows us to keep costs low through administration automation. Employers can save 15% or more per year!

With our dental savings plans employers can:

  • Buy plans for employees and their dependents
  • Share the cost of the plan with employees
  • Offer the plan for employees to purchase


Contact us to learn more and to find the solution that's right for your business.

[1] Malito, Alessandra. “Rising Health-Care Costs Are Eating Away at Your Wages and You May Not Even Realize It.” MarketWatch, 10 Oct. 2018,
[2] Miller, Stephen. “Dental Benefits Are Often Misunderstood, Underused.” SHRM, SHRM, 11 Apr. 2018,

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